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Camilla Stefanovic-Vilovska (Milla von Ott)

  • Profession: Violinist.
  • Residences: Austria
  • Relation to Mahler: Mahler had played in a concert at Iglau with Camilla on 11-08-1883.
  • Correspondence with Mahler: Yes.
  • Born:
  • Married to Carl?
  • Died:
  • Buried:

Born familyname: Otto von Ottenfeld (Camilla Otto von Ottenfeld).

Pseudonym: Milla von Ott, Camilla von Ott.

  1. 11-08-1883 Year 1883 c018. 1883 Concert Jihlava 11-08-1883 (piano).

Year 1902. Vocal score of Das klagende Lied, version in two movements, signed and inscribed by Gustav Mahler (1860-1911). The printed wrapper, Vienna: Josef Weinberger, 1902. First edition, 69 pages, publisher’s printed brown wrappers with vignette (also on the title), plate number 25., priced at 6 Marks, early boards, rebacked, the inscription slightly trimmed, small repair to leading lower corners to first 2 leaves. Publisher: Weinberger music publishers.

With personal note by Gustav Mahler: “Meinen lieben Freunden Carl und Camilla in alter treuer Anhänglichkeit Wien 1880!–1900! Gustav Mahler” (in old faithfulness).

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