Edna Blanche Showalter.

  • Profession: Soprano.
  • Relation to Mahler: Worked with Gustav Mahler.
  • Correspondence with Mahler:
  • Born: 2-12-1882, Illinois, USA
  • Married: Harry M Showalter. Harry is born in 09-1882, in Illinois, USA.
  • Son: Clayton K Showalter.
  • Address: 1935 and 1940 in Wellington, Kansas, USA.
  • Died: 02-1974 (Aged 91).
  • Buried: 00-00-0000 
  1. 1910 Concert New York 27-03-1910.

Born: Kite.

Richmond Hill.

Chicago – Newspaper – Article – The peoples Grand Opera Asssociation

Edna Blanche Showalter was proclaimed by the press of New York City, at the time of her operatic debut as THE FIRST REAL AMERICAN PRIMA DONNA.” She studied in this country and when she went abroad it was to SING.

Mme. Showalter was the original American “Minnie” in Henry W. Savage’s English production of “The Girl of the Golden West.’ 

Prima Donna in John Phillips Sousa’s last opera. “The American M.zid.” Five years soloist with Walter Damrosch and the New York Symphony Orchestra in New York and on tour. “Nicholas.” in Waller Damrosch production of “The Children at Bethlehem” given in operatic form. Soloist with nearly all the great Symphonies both here and in England. 

A Prima Donna of the Metropolitan Opera Company. Soloist with Kurt Schindler’s French Madrigal Choir of New York City. Joint Recitals with David Bispham. the American Baritone, whose protege she was from her twelfth year. Prima Donna of “Paoletta” by Pietro Florida (the first opera to be written in the English language in the United States) in 1910, at Cincinnati. Ohio. Music hall, by the Ohio Valley Exposition. Toured Belgium, France, England. Canada and the United States several times in Concert. Oratorio, Opera and with symphony Orchestras. In drama for eight vears as an actress.

Mine. Showalter is also an accomplished Pianist, having played with Symphony. etc. Her life has been devoted to the CAUSE of Opera in our mother tongue and her work has proven that ENGLISH CAN BE UNDERSTOOD when well sung and that the public WANTS IT.

Edna Blanche Showalter.

Portland – Newspaper – Article

04-06-1911: Edna Blanche Showalter was born, educated and trained for a career in grand opera In America, and having made her operatic reputation and won her first laurals In her own country, she had been selected by Henry W. Savage to create the role of “Minnie” In the “Girl of the Golden West” In the first production of that opera in the English language. Miss Showalter, only II, made her first appearance as a professional singer at Carnegie Hall.

Miss Showalter has been the leading soloist with Damroach New York Symphony Orchistra on It various tours of the country. As miss Showalter’ rehearsals for the “Girl of ths Golden West” do not begin until September, she has accepted an engagement with Albert Chevalier on his present starring tour, and will be heard here for the first time when the great English character artist also makes his Initial appearance In this city, which will be within a few weeks.

Edna Blanche Showalter.

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