Odon von Mihalovic (1842-1929)

Odon von Mihalovic (1842-1929).

  • Profession: Composer, pedagogue.
  • Relation to Mahler: Friend
  • Correspondence with Mahler: Yes.
  • Born: 13-08-1842 Fericsánci, Slavonia
  • Address: Servitenplatz 10/III, Budapest
  • Died: 22-04-1929 Budapest
  • Buried: 00-00-0000

Ödön (Edmund) Péter József von (de) Mihalovich was a Hungarian composer and music educator.

Mihalovich first studied in Pest with Mihály Mosonyi. In 1865, he moved to Leipzig, studying there with Moritz Hauptmann, and, in 1866, he completed his studies in Munich with Peter Cornelius. Mihalovich then moved back to Pest; in 1872, he became president of the city’s Wagner Society and, in 1887, he followed Franz Liszt as the head of the Budapest Academy of Music, a position he held up to his death.

He was also, according to a contemporary source a pupil of Hans von Bülow. While Mihalovich’s works are thoroughly Wagnerian in style, he was supportive of Hungarian nationalism and encouraged composers such as Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály.


  • Hagbart und Signe (1867-1874 Dresden 12-03-1882)
  • Wieland der Schmied (1876-1878)
  • König Fjalar (1880-1884 unfinished)
  • Eleane (1885-1887 Budapest 16-02-1908)
  • Ioidi szerelme (Toldi’s Love, 1880-1890, Budapest 18-03-1893, Rev. 1893-1894 Budapest 28-02-1895)
  • A tihanyi visszhang (The Echo of Tichany 1903 unfinished)
  • 4 Symphony’s (1879, 1892, 1899-1900, 1901-1902)
  • Hero und Leander
  • Ballade (1875)
  • La Ronde du Sabbat
  • Symphonic poem (1879)
  • Faust, fantasy (1880)

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