• Address: Helgolander Allee.
  • Brothers Ludwig.
  • 2,000 seats.

On the opening of the Konzerthaus, modeled on the Viennese folk theater, the magazine Reform reported in its issue of 25-11-1887:

“The new Ludwigsche Etablissement in St. Pauli was opened yesterday for the first time of a series of invited guests. A surprise is the impression for anyone who first enters the magnificent winter garden. Above all, the enormous height of the room, which ends in a dome-building, is surmounted by tufts of up to 60 feet. […] The highlight of the winter garden, however, is the waterfall, which falls from the top of the building through three floors. As via mala, this waterfall leads to a tasteful bridge, which is not lacking even the Mother-God image. The view becomes magical when the whole winter garden is illuminated by a lightning bolt through the 500 different light bulbs in different colors. While the music stage, large and spacious, occupies the eastern part of the room, a colossal bust of the emperor sits on the opposite plateau.”


“The entire interior of the winter garden, such as railings, seats, etc., are made of natural wood. Massive, as the real beer drinker must be, is the beer tasting in the old German flavor. It is to be praised that the architect has created a very solid seat for the beer drinker, which, in contrast to the usual Viennese chairs, gives him a secure hold in all his needs. From the bourgeoisie one entered the dining-room and the wedding-hall, which are held in the noblest taste of the French Renaissance. During the dining hall emblems of hunting, fishing, and the like, we see the most diverse symbols of love in the wedding hall. It is worth mentioning the two cones, which, by virtue of their practical arrangement, do not fail to give a magnet to all connoisseurs. ” Now destroyed.


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