Charles Loewenstein

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Charles Loewenstein (0000-0000)

  • Profession: Impresario. Concert Agency Chas. Loewenstein. Founder of the former Waldorf-Astoria subscr. concerts.
  • Residences:
  • Relation to Mahler:
  • Correspondence with Mahler: Yes.
    • 00-00-0000, Year
  • Born: 00-00-0000
  • Died: 00-00-0000
  • Buried: 00-00-0000

Charles Loewenstein, Jagerstrasse 47/48, Berlin.

25-05-1907 Letter from Charles Loewenstein to Gustav Mahler. Loewenstein reminded Mahler that he had been in touch with him in 1898 via Lilli Lehmann (1848-1929) on the subject of a series of subscription concerts that he wished him to conduct. Fuchs’s illness had prevented Mahler from considering his offer seriously. He probably met Loewenstein in Berlin on 05-06.

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