Heinrich August Fischer (1827-1917).


Gustav mahlers first teachers included Czech musicians from the town band, whom Gustav knew mostly from the taproom, such as Jakub Sladky (House Jakob Sladky (Mincovny Nos. 9/85, Kleine Pfarr Gasse No. 67), and later Jan Broz and Jan Zizka of the theatre orchestra, its conductor Frantisek Viktorin, and the music teachers Vaclav Pressburg (pupil of Anton Bruckner) and Frantisek Sturm.

The biggest role in Gustav Mahler’s musical growth was played by a music teacher, a graduate of the Prague Conservatory, the choirmaster at Saint Jacob the Greater church (Jakubske square) and the “Men Singers’ Society” and an organizer of musical life in Jihlava: Heinrich Fischer (1827-1917). It was to him alone that Mahler expressed gratitude for his whole life and wrote to him on all sorts of occasions.

Heinrich August Fischer (1827-1917).

Anna Fischer-Benischko (1832-1897).

Envelop from a letter of Gustav Mahler to Heinrich August Fischer (1827-1917).

Postcard from Gustav Mahler to Heinrich August Fischer (1827-1917). Mittewald bei Villach (near 1901-1907 House Gustav Mahler Maiernigg – Villa Mahler No. 31).

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