Correspondence to Justine Mahler, 15-08-1891 Frederikshavn

To Justine and other siblings –

Frederikshavn (Denmark), on August 15, 1891. My dear, the past three days have been the best throughout reisen.- Here are the external events: I left Christ. early Thursday per train to Drammen. – The city’s port did better impression on me than the one in himself Ch.

The city lies on both sides of a magnificent river, which empties out here in Christiania Fjord, and is on all sides surrounded by wooded hills. I sped up immediately on the most beautiful of them and discovered a whole world unto itself. A timber forest that covered the mountains with strange parties, in one moment rocky, the next swampy, that I had to negotiate zigzag. Mid inside the forest, completely secluded, I found a lake which is called “Schwarzsee” in German – (Black Water? NT) – Continued, open glades here and there, which on one side has a view over the countryside down to the sea, or rather; harbor, and on the other to the many valleys and river running through them. After about five hours absolutely delicious, I still had time before I would patterns boat to Laurwik. – I braved the strong winds and rain and were standing on the deck – (as usual throughout the journey), and after about five hours we arrived Laurwik. – I went straight to bed since the ship to Christiansund should cast off the next morning at 6:00. This journey through the Norwegian archipelago was the funniest thing in the whole journey. On the one hand, I had the most characteristic stone shapes, and rocky outcrops – and islands – at the barren, so full of trees, and then actually bevendt with housing or heating installations. On the other side was the adventurous, diverse Norwegian coast. Occasionally it was increasingly small stretches of open sea! – The wind was blowing hard, and when we arrived offshore to the open sea, blew it in roll along the waves of Kattegat. In such moments, threw the boat back and forth – as luck I was spared from seasickness. – Among us on the ship turned out to be a platoon of “Salvation Army”, eight men and as many women in very peculiar uniform and equally puzzling manners. Later they took up guitars, a violin and a trumpet, and began to voice instruments. – – So I was extremely responsive. I saw that all had a flashy emblem (the gentlemen in hats and ladies of the shoulder). where he said: “Frölses-Army”. – I could not know it without asking, but I suspect them to come from the “famous Salvation Army”, as you have heard as much about as I; namely name. So they voted for an hour. All passengers stood attentively to listen to – it must be admitted that several threw up over the gunwale, since the ship rolled up and down over the swell. Finally, they took in singing, women with wispy voices, and men with rusty. It was quite obvious that they neither knew text or melody, so they took control in turn, those who knew the sequel, it was mostly a kind of antiphonal singing. Four women and a man constituted orchestra – the first three played guitar and violin, and the last trumpet. The startling was that the violinist kept middle of the arc. – The song was a strange ballad with sacral text, and I understood only the words “Jesus Christus” and “Portugal”. We arrived Christiansund 18:00. – In the morning, looked the long secluded sun until just after take-off. – When we port of call there, we saw the French fleet. After two hours ashore, it carried on board again and through the dreaded Skagerrak to Fredrikshavn. – I slept exceptionally well, despite the engine roar, wind gusts and rocking motion is eliminated, and arrived here today at 10:00 in the best mood.

– Directly into the city, and then a little trip. – What a contrast – endless myrslette, a farmer here and there – a windmill, a house – and beyond: the open sea. I walked and walked, and came to a sort of park that aroused my interest, and arrived – a cemetery. I walked around and found inspiration by considering everything that had happened here before my time. – Both in the high Norwegian mountains and on the Jutland heath – the end is the same. – – Ca 5:00 dangers I continue with the train – Now, home of the North Sea via Sylt and Helgoland.

Best wishes to all from Gustav

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