Correspondence to Justine Mahler, 13-08-1891 Oslo

Grand Hotel, Christiania, August 13, 1891.

Dearest Justi, I stand just on the go to Drammen (a city in the Oslofjord). Yesterday was successful – I ascended to Frognerseter – a small mountain at Christiania, about as high as Anninger, with magnificent views of the countryside and the bay. On the way back founded i acquaintance with a university professor who came here. I had even join him home to get the travel advice I wanted. – The ride back and forth lasted 8 1/2 hours, with a half hour resting at the viewpoint. – It is exceedingly gratifying that I can me using my Baedeker (dictionary, NT), which I’ve been training hard with. Today I will be in Drammen, tomorrow the boat goes to Laurwik (Larvik, NT) (a small seaside resort on the Norwegian coast) – morrow with ships to Kristiansund – at night by ship to Sylt. There, I saw for eight days. I would rather have roamed around in Norway eight days, but this time it is too expensive for me, since one must travel in wagon-lit (sleeping cars, NT), which is very expensive here, it is due to the horrendous distances and lack of trains. I shall therefore still get my sjøbad. I will send you my address on Sylt in the next letter (unless I change plans).



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