The Krupp-Hotel Essener Hof at the Limbecker Platz opened in 1898 at the Ostfeld on the Limbecker Straße, now Limbecker Platz, bearer of the name Essener Hof. The builder was Friedrich Alfred Krupp. It was created from an economic point of view, because the large Krupp cast steel factory in Essen was located to the west.

The architect Robert Schmohl, head of the Krupp Building Office, designed the hotel especially for guests of the industrialists and built it in the years 1896 to 1898. Nevertheless, it was accessible to the public without restrictions with its 40 rooms, social and dining room.

In the mid-1970s the building was demolished.

1906 Hotel Essener Hof.

Year 19061906 Hotel Essener Hof.

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