Hedy Feldenova (1866-1922).

  • Profession: Mezzo-soprano.
  • Relation to Mahler: Worked with Gustav Mahler.
  • Correspondence with Mahler:
  • Born: 17-03-1866 Nechanice (near Hradec Králové), Czech Republic. Née: Hedvika Feltlová. (Date, place of birth and birth name vary in literature. 1874?)
  • Died: 13-11-1922 Vienna, Austria.
  • Buried: 00-00-0000
  1. 1893 Concert Hamburg 18-11-1893. As nurse Filippyevna in Eugene Onegin by Pjotr Iljitsj Tchaikovsky (1840-1893).
  2. 1895 Concert Hamburg 12-04-1895. As part of the chorus reinforced by soloists of the Stadttheater.
  3. 1895 Concert Berlin 13-12-1895 – Symphony No. 2 (Premiere). In Movement 4: “Urlicht”. Sehr feierlich, aber schlicht. She replaced the originally scheduled Marie Ritter-Gotze.

Also: Hedy Felden-Felt, Hedwig Felden, Hedi Felden, Hedi Feldenova, FELDENOVÁ Hedy

Her father Franz Feltl was originally a spa physician in Teplice. Mother Mary, born. Poláková, daughter of the estate manager in St?žery (near Hradec Králové), already registered as a widow in October 1877 with two daughters to Prague. By 1900, her name was Felden.

For further education she left Prague for Vienna, where she studied singing at the Conservatory (also taught by J. N. Fuchs). Under the name of Hedi Felden she debuted in 1894 with director Bernhard Pollini (1838-1897) at the Hamburg Stadttheater Orchestra where she met the thirty-four-year-old conductor Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) (Mother, E. Humperdinck: Hänsel und Gretel).

She stayed in Hamburg until 1897, and in the following year she worked in Szczecin and 1899-1900 at the Nuremberg City Theater. After a brief engagement in Magdeburg (1901), she attended several rehearsals at the Prague National Theater and received 1902. She remained in the ensemble until 1912. Later she lived mostly in Vienna as a singing teacher, but she kept in touch with Prague.

03-06-1901 Hedy Feldenova (1866-1922).

She was engaged as an altist, but she also sang mezzo-soprano roles thanks to the large voice range. She has created nearly seventy characters of different significance throughout the 19th century repertoire, singing small roles in Mozart’s operas (The Magic Flute, The Marriage of Figaro), in which her singing technique slipped from tone to tone somewhat disturbed. Initially, she overcame problems with imperfect Czech pronunciation. She probably learned Czech language in her family. She has performed in a number of Czech operas (Ježibaba, A. Dvo?ák: Rusalka; Zuzka, JB Foerster: Eva; Zoe, Z. Fibich: Hedy), including Hronka, J. Suk: Les?v pán, 1903; Hanka, J. Nešvera : Radhoš?, 1906, Hostinská, O. Zich: Painting Idea, 1910). National Theater historians have stated that she has done useful work in the ensemble and fulfilled her conscientious tasks, but without more aspirations.

Roles in the National Theater in Prague:

  • Troubadour premiéra: sezona 1883/1884 – Azucena
    Prodaná nev?sta premiéra: sezona 1891/1892 – Ludmila
    Faust a Markéta premiéra: sezona 1895/1896 – Marta
    V studni premiéra: sezona 1895/1896 – Verunka
    Libuše premiéra: sezona 1897/1898 – T?etí žnec
    Psohlavci premiéra: sezona 1897/1898 – Jeho matka
    ?ert a Ká?a premiéra: sezona 1899/1900 – Ká?ina matka
    Aida premiéra: sezona 1900/1901 – Amneris
    Hoffmannovy povídky premiéra: sezona 1900/1901 – Zjev
    Michuovic dcerušky premiéra: sezona 1900/1901 – Pí. Michuová
    Rusalka premiéra: sezona 1900/1901 – ?arod?jnice
    Tajemství premiéra: sezona 1900/1901 – Panna Roza
    Dimitrij premiéra: sezona 1901/1902 – Marfa Ivanovna
    Eugenij On?gin premiéra: sezona 1901/1902 – Filip?vna
    Lazebník sevillský premiéra: sezona 1901/1902 – Berta
    Lohengrin premiéra: sezona 1901/1902 – Ortruda
    Maškarní ples premiéra: sezona 1901/1902 – Ulrika
    Na starém b?lidle premiéra: sezona 1901/1902 – Panímama ze mlýna
    Piková dáma premiéra: sezona 1901/1902 – Hrab?nka
    Veselé ženy windsorské premiéra: sezona 1901/1902 – Mistress Page
    Carská nev?sta premiéra: sezona 1902/1903 – Domna Ivanovna Saburova
    Dobrou noc, pane Pantalone! premiéra: sezona 1902/1903 – Lukrecie
    Hugenoti premiéra: sezona 1902/1903 – Dvorní dáma královnina
    Les?v pán premiéra: sezona 1902/1903 – Hronka
    Libuše premiéra: sezona 1902/1903 – Radmila, T?etí žnec
    Louisa premiéra: sezona 1902/1903 – Meta?ka
    Otello premiéra: sezona 1902/1903 – Emilie
    Pytlák premiéra: sezona 1902/1903 – Hrab?nka
    U Božích muk premiéra: sezona 1902/1903 – Klopotnica
    Eugenij On?gin premiéra: sezona 1903/1904 – Larina, Filip?vna
    Eva premiéra: sezona 1903/1904 – Zuzka
    Kouzelná flétna premiéra: sezona 1903/1904 – Druhá d?va Astartina
    Mikado premiéra: sezona 1903/1904 – Katiša
    Perníková chaloupka premiéra: sezona 1903/1904 – Klapzuba
    Sn?guro?ka (Jarní pohádka) premiéra: sezona 1904/1905 – Vesna
    Vlasty skon premiéra: sezona 1904/1905 – ?astava
    Figarova svatba premiéra: sezona 1905/1906 – Marcellina
    Hedy premiéra: sezona 1905/1906 – Zoe
    Kouzelná flétna premiéra: sezona 1905/1906 – Druhá d?va
    Romeo a Julie premiéra: sezona 1905/1906 – Gertruda
    Šárka premiéra: sezona 1905/1906 – Radka
    Maškarní ples premiéra: sezona 1906/1907 – Ulrica
    Na starém b?lidle premiéra: sezona 1906/1907 – Panimáma ze mlýna
    Radhoš? premiéra: sezona 1906/1907 – Hanka
    Sen lesa premiéra: sezona 1906/1907 – Matka Karlova
    Bludný Holan?an premiéra: sezona 1907/1908 – Mary
    Královna Fiammetta premiéra: sezona 1907/1908 – Mater Agramante
    Veselé ženy Windsorské premiéra: sezona 1907/1908 – Mistress Page
    Lakmé premiéra: sezona 1908/1909 – Mistress Bentsonová
    Louisa premiéra: sezona 1908/1909 – Meta?ka
    Prodaná nev?sta premiéra: sezona 1908/1909 – Ludmila
    Tulák premiéra: sezona 1908/1909 – Kate?ina
    Elektra premiéra: sezona 1909/1910 – Služka
    Eva premiéra: sezona 1909/1910 – Zuzka
    Fra Diavolo premiéra: sezona 1909/1910 – Pamela
    Malí?ský nápad premiéra: sezona 1909/1910 – Hostinská
    Boris Godunov premiéra: sezona 1910/1911 – Hospodská
    ?erné domino premiéra: sezona 1910/1911 – Claudia
    Koncert ze staro?eských písní a úryvk? z oper premiéra: sezona 1910/1911 – Ludmila
    Léka? z donucení premiéra: sezona 1910/1911 – Martinka
    Malí? Rainer premiéra: sezona 1910/1911 – Zuzana Hercogová
    R?žový kavalír premiéra: sezona 1910/1911 – Annina
    Šárka premiéra: sezona 1910/1911 – Radka
    Tvrdé palice premiéra: sezona 1910/1911 – ?íhová
    Dcera pluku premiéra: sezona 1911/1912 – Markýza Maggiorivoglio
    Figarova svatba premiéra: sezona 1911/1912 – Marcelina
    Milkování premiéra: sezona 1911/1912 – Kate?ina Binderová
    Mist?i p?vci norimberští premiéra: sezona 1911/1912 – Magdalena


  • Born in Nechanice, died in Vienna. Own name H.Feltl. She studied singing in Vienna with J.N.Fuchse. Since 1893 she has worked in Hamburg under conductor Gustav Mahler and since 1897 at the opera in Szczecin and Nuremberg. She came to Prague from Magdeburg and after a number of hospitality appearances (1901-1902) was from 1.9.1902 to 1.9.1912 engaged in the National Theater. After leaving the National Theater, she lived in Vienna, where she worked as a singing teacher.
  • 09-12-1895 BerlinHedi Felden (1874-1922) and Josephine von Artner (1869-1932) mentioned in a letter by Gustav Mahler (in Ascanischer Hof) to Bruno Walter (1876-1962).
  • 1904 National Theater, Prague: Ill.
  • Feldenova Sextet: Maria Klan-Panznerova, Feldenova, Frantisek Sir, Kubatova, Emil Pollert and M Victorin.
  • Address: Vinohrady, Zvona?ka 65, Prague.
  • 1918 in Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde (Musikverein, Musikvereinsplatz No. 1) ?

1902. Hedy Feldenova (1866-1922).


  1. 12″ KLAN-PANZNEROVA/FELDENOVA Opera 78rpm Black G&T 074000 Prodana Nevesta. Gramophone Monarch Record. Sekstet. CatNum: 074000, Num: 244 y, Date: -03, Title: Prodaná nevesta: Rozmysli si Marenko, Sexteto, Composer: Smetana, Note: [The Bartered Bride: Sextet].
  2. Pathé, Praha 1907?, Contes d’Hoffmann (Offenbach): Barcarole with Kubatová 39912, Prodana Nevesta (Smetana): Sextett with Kubatova, Feldenova, Kliment and Hlavecek 39926.
  3. Odeon, Praha 1907-1909, Prodaná Nev?sta (Smetana): Sekstet with H. Feldenova, O. Valoušková, F. Sir, E. Burian and V. Kliment X51020 ZX448, Don Giovanni (Mozart): Là ci darem la mano with E. Burian (Cz) X29087 ZX449, Hubi?ka (Smetana):, Ukolébavka X48151 ZX470, Hubi?ka (Smetana): Hlásej, ptá?ku (Skrivánci pisen) X48129 ZX471, Eugen Onegin (Tchaikovsky): Duet Tatjana-Olga with Valoušková X29088 ZX508.
  4. V0886. OTOKAR MARÁK & KAMILA UNGROVÁ: PRODANÁ NEVESTA – Jako matka pozehnánim / KLÁNOVÁ-PANZNEROVA, FELDENOVA, KUBÁTOVA, SIR, VIKTORIN & POLÁK: Rozmysli si Marenko (Smetana). 12” black Monarch Gram. 074003/000, POM-1907. A to M-A-, beautiful copy has, Sd.2 only, 3 faint ticks at very beg. MB 15.
  5. 3024. CRG AN-258 Klanova-Panznerová, Feldenova, Kubatova, Sir, Viktorin & Polak: Prodaná Nevesta-Rozmysli si marenko// Kamilla Ungrova & Otakar Marak: Dueto Marenky a Jenika MB 15.
  6. 1506 Bobková, Malka (sop.) 10 3/4″ acoust. Odeon test (29085) +Mirko Stork +Feldenova +Kubátova: Kvarteto “Libuse” (Smetana) mx.ZX 450 Prague ca.1908 sung in Czech 4 nac MB 15.
  7. 1507 Bobková, Malka (sop.) 10 3/4″ acoust. Odeon 29086/ 5 +Mirko Stork: Jsme svoji “Hubicka” (Smetana) mx.ZX 474/ add.Feldenova +Kubátova: Kvarteto “Libuse” (Smetana) mx.ZX 450 Prague ca.1908 both sung in Czech 2 rA, (nac) MB 80.

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