Joachim Jacob Unger (1826-1912)

Joachim Jacob Unger (1826-1912). Rabbi Ungers’ review of Gustav Mahler’s exam religion for the second semester of the 1876-1877 school year. The conclusion: ‘satisfactory’. Year 1877.

In 1860, the first rabbi came to Jihlava. Joachim Jakob Unger (1826-1912) came from a small village near Kosice – spent his entire life in Jihlava for the development of the Jewish community (rabbinic photographs in the archive). He built the synagogue and in 1869 the Jewish cemetery, then behind the town. There are 1340 graves in that cemetery, and Rabbi Unger is buried there. On the night of March 30, 1939, the synagogue was burned, then the ceremonial hall of the cemetery.

Joachim Jacob Unger (1826-1912). Book.

Schillerova (Benesova street).

Joachim Jacob Unger (1826-1912) grave. Jewish cemetery (U Cviciste Nos. 12/2070, Trainingsgelande).

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