1888 Opera Leipzig 20-01-1888 – Die drei Pintos (Premiere)

  • Soloists: Don Pantaleone Roiz de Pacheco, a nobleman (Bernhard Köhler, bass), Don Gomez de Freiros, a nobleman (Jacob Hübner, tenor), Clarissa, Don Pantaleone’s daughter (Emma Baumann, soprano), Laura, Clarissa’s maid (mezzo-soprano Josephine von Artner (1869-1932), mezzo-soprano), Don Gaston de Viratos, a former student (Charles Hedmondt, tenor), Ambrosio, Don Gaston’s servant (Otto Schelper, baritone), Don Pinto de Fonseca, a young country squire (Carl Grengg (1853-1914), bass), Inez, the Innkeeper’s daughter (Therese Rothauser, soprano), Innkeeper (August Proft, bass), Major-domo (tenor).
  • Conductor: Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
  • Orchestra: Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra (LGO)
  • Chorus: Students, villagers and servants of Don Pantaleone
  • Opera number: O
  • Notes: See Compositions unfinished, completed by Mahler (1 composer)Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826). Comic opera by Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826), completed by Gustav Mahler to words of Hell after Seidel, is performed for the first time, in the Municipal Theatre, 67 years after it was composed. Premiere. It is extremely successful and gains Mahler more widespread acclaim than he has ever had before.
  • The first performance was an event of the first rank, in which even the Saxon royal couple was present. Mahler was celebrated enthusiastically. See Compositions unfinished, completed by Mahler (1 composer). Despite many plans Mahler composed no more operas. Five performances.

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