Correspondence to Justine Mahler, 12-08-1891 Oslo

To Justine and other siblings,

Grand Hotel Christiania, 12. August 1891.

My dear,

Yesterday I had barely sent my letter before I got one from you. – In reply form, above all, I am totally against that you will rent you a room of a thousand reasons. – If there is no other way out, you have to be in the old apartment and spur the owner to brush it up so that the first floor. It would be the best. Yesterday I looked around town and gikkk two tours in height, where there are views to the city and surroundings. A magnificent royal palace, Oscarshall, are similar to the ‘Miramar’. In the evenings, after arriving at the hotel, I sit in the reading room. When I momentarily looked up from the newspaper, so I – Ibsen – for my eyes! He is here right now avd staying in this hotel. – You can well imagine that I was more than a little touched by it. – Today I will take a trip to the surrounding area around Christiania. – Unfortunately not stretch your money. I can not preferentially cause my beautifully planned journey through the Norwegian inland. – With a heavy heart I have to give up plans and slowly get ready for the return journey; I have in fact concocting me to travel in short stages to the southernmost part of Norway, Christian Sund – (Kr. SAND, NT) – there is a ship directly to Hamburg Sunday (48 hours). – – But I really want to borrow this Norway !! So grand and peculiar by nature, just like its inhabitants, the Alps can not measure up (for us Southerner). Once one gets into it, life is here exceptionally cheap and extremely comfortable. – – Write henceforth directly to Hamburg (Hotel Streit). With best wishes from Gustav.

PS – have you gotten any mail my cards?

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