Correspondence to Justine Mahler, 11-08-1891 Oslo

Tuesday 11 August 1891, Grand Hotel, Christiania

(Justin) (Mahler’s sister, N.T.)


Yesterday was thus a pure travel day. Gone with the morning train at 8 (Gothenburg -NT) – and approximately at 18, I arrived MOSS. The journey was very interesting and was over before I knew it. All the way along the coast: a glimpse of a bay here and there, but mostly through the hinterland, some distance from the coast. Nevertheless – a large, powerful sea or river to watch every minute and small, rocky, wooded hills everywhere. – I wanted to spend the night in Moss, to travel by steamer to Christiania next morning and enjoy the mighty tarnished, but I was so melancholy of the continuing fishing vessels smell in the small town (just like in Venice) – and of the utterly miserable accommodation, I decided to travel again with steamer clock 19 – – Due to the bad weather, was the half hour late, and arrived Moss first 8:30 p.m.. – – I spent this moment at bay close to the shipping dock, and got the time to go with a lively mime conversation with the Norwegian seamen who work close by. We had a brilliant conversation: they were chivalrous enough to speak English for the sake of me, and I spoke Norwegian (using my Baedeker-dictionary). Eventually, I was disgusted by the scent of water, naturally in such a narrow harbor. Finally came the ship – it dropped anchor in the dark; around midnight we arrived at Christiania – unfortunately in the dark night, iregn and overnight rain – and it’s still raining today, which destroys all my big plans. Last night I slept on Martins Hotels (still no sign letter), but I move over to the Grand Hotel here, for I wish for a comfortable shelter for all sincere quickly called and the eternal weather. — What will happen now, I have no idea. If it clears up and the money insufficient, I will enter the country. – If the rain continues, I will however take the sea route to Hamburg – unfortunately goes this over SKAGERRAK and the North Sea. Brrrrr!

– The very best wishes from


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