Fomerius Hellebrand (1856-1912)

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Fomerius Hellebrand (1856-1912)

  • Profession: Pastor.
  • Relation to Mahler: Pastor Petrus Fomerius Hellebrand led Gustav Mahlers’ funeral service but did not know him. The only thing we know is that within a year he was found dead himself at Grinzing cemetery. He is also buried at Grinzing cemetery.
  • Residences: Himmelstrasse 25, Grinzing, Vienna, Austria.
  • Born: 1856.
  • Died: 24-01-1912 Grinzing cemetery, Vienna, Austria. From lung degeneration (Canc. pulm). Aged 55.
  • Buried: 26-01-1912.
  • Reburied: 18-12-1945 Grinzing cemetery, Vienna, Austria. Grave: Group 3, no row, number 13. Group grave.

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