Gustav Spitz

  • Dr. Gustav Spitz.
  • Lawyer, Jihlava.
  • Year 1889.


  1. Death of Bernard Mahler (1827-1889)Marie Mahler-Herrmann (1837-1889) guardian and Gustav Mahler co-guardian.
  2. Death of Leopoldine Quittner-Mahler (1863-1889) (died in Vienna).
  3. Death of Marie Mahler-Herrmann (1837-1889).
  4. Gustav Mahler being guardian of:
    1. Alois (Louis) Mahler (1867-1931), aged 21, bookkeeper in his fathers’ business.
    2. Justine (Ernestine) Rose-Mahler (1868-1938), aged 20.
    3. Otto Mahler (1873-1895), aged 15, student conservatory.
    4. Emma Marie Eleanor Rose-Mahler (1875-1933), aged 13.
  5. Legacy: 50 Gulden for the clothes.
  6. Selling the house: 1872-1889 House Gustav Mahler Jihlava – Znojemska street Nos. 6/1088 (Pirnitzer gasse No. 264). Gustav Mahler lived here from his 12th until 15th. The house was sold to Moritz Herrmann, owner of the Firm Herrmann & Co., liqueurs, for 15.000 Gulden, 3.500 Gulden for the inventories.

Gustav Mahler never returned to Jihlava. He kept in touch by letters to Heinrich August Fischer (1827-1917) and Theodor Fischer (1859-1934).

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