... to rebuild the broken spiritual bridges between the peoples ...

Arnold Schoenberg, Mahlerfest, Amsterdam 1920

Sky at night

Mahler Foundation

Gustav Mahler has touched untold lives through his music and writings, communicating the joys and calamities of simply being alive and inspiring a deeply moving vision of the human condition. Many of us have somehow been transformed by this experience.

The mission of Mahler Foundation is to channel profound awareness in the spirit of Gustav Mahler’s legacy into a force for positive change in our trying times.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, Advisory Members and Honorary Members, and performing organizations worldwide, I invite you to join us and learn more about our projects.

Marina Mahler
Founder and President
Mahler Foundation

Project Infinitude: ‘Never believe that fate is more than the condensation of childhood’ — Rainer Maria Rilke


My need to express myself musically, symphonically only begins where obscure feelings rule, at the threshold that leads into the "other world," the world where things no longer fall apart in time and space.

Gustav Mahler

Through Project Infinitude we would like to inspire a global network comprising some of the world’s most accomplished musicians working in partnership with young emerging professionals and children from less privileged backgrounds, making music and communicating with a spirit of playfulness, creativity and compassion.

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The Song of the Earth project seeks to further Mahler’s vision in today’s world by promoting an awareness of the environment and our actions affecting the delicate balance of nature.

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